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"Membership makes me a better business leader for my district. I’m able to connect with colleagues, participate in outstanding professional development, stay informed, and reap the benefits of the vast resources ASBO International offers."
Christi Schaefbauer, Mandan School District, North Dakota
Member since 2010

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American Fidelity Assurance Company

ASBO International Strategic Partner

Founded in 1960, American Fidelity Assurance Company provides Section 125 Plan services, Flexible Spending Accounts and Healthcare Reform guidance, as well as a broad portfolio of supplemental insurance benefits designed specifically for the education market. American Fidelity serves more than 1 million customers in 49 states and in 23 countries worldwide and is committed to financially protecting our customers.

American Fidelity strives to make a difference. Whether it's helping students learn, providing food to a fellow citizen in need, giving blood, cheering from the sidelines, or helping to rebuild that which was lost, American Fidelity is making a huge difference for school business officials by being the proud sponsor of the Annual Meeting & Expo workshops.

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