American Fidelity Assurance Company

ASBO International Strategic Partner

Founded in 1960, American Fidelity Assurance Company provides Section 125 Plan services, Flexible Spending Accounts and Healthcare Reform guidance, as well as a broad portfolio of supplemental insurance benefits designed specifically for the education market. American Fidelity serves more than 1 million customers in 49 states and in 23 countries worldwide and is committed to financially protecting our customers.

American Fidelity strives to make a difference. Whether it's helping students learn, providing food to a fellow citizen in need, giving blood, cheering from the sidelines, or helping to rebuild that which was lost, American Fidelity is making a huge difference for school business officials by being the proud sponsor of the Annual Meeting & Expo workshops.

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Face to Face with Keith Johnson, American Fidelity

In the past, uttering the words “healthcare reform” to school business officials may have made them break out in a cold sweat. Thanks to American Fidelity Assurance Company, however, they can sleep better at night, knowing that the company’s dedicated professionals will keep them up-to-date on the latest changes and policies.
Keith Johnson, senior vice president and chief sales officer for American Fidelity, is closing in on three decades with the company. “It’s the only job I’ve ever had!” he says with a laugh, and although his overall role has changed considerably over the years, he remains loyal to keeping one of the company’s core values: eliminating administrative burdens for its customers.
Keith explains that American Fidelity was founded in 1960 in Oklahoma and offered a variety of voluntary insurance policies. It has grown considerably since its humble beginnings, providing Section 125 plan services, flexible spending accounts, and of course, healthcare reform guidance, as well as a broad portfolio of supplemental insurance benefits designed specifically for the education market. The company has a presence in 49 states and serves more than one million customers.
American Fidelity is a family-owned company that serves various markets. “Our K–12 niche and the way we do business separate us from the competition,” Keith says. “We have a passion for education. We know schools are there to educate students. If we can add value to the employer, it reduces their burden by offering insurance to employees, which helps to retain them too.”
The company’s mission revolves around the employer offering services related to Section 125 and other healthcare reform issues. “As such, we act as a strategic advisor to school district employers,” Keith says. Because there are complex compliance elements associated with these plans, educating these employers is a big part of what American Fidelity professionals do. “The biggest reason why people don’t take advantage of benefits is because they don’t understand them,” Keith says. “We facilitate that understanding.”
Having been active at the state level for many years, American Fidelity management realized that the natural next step was to build a relationship at the national level. Initially partnering with ASBO International in 2009, American Fidelity became a Strategic Partner in 2012, and directly impacts ASBO members through its sponsorship of the Annual Meeting & Expo workshops. The company regularly presents its own workshop—on healthcare reform, of course—which is always well-attended. “Our folks really study healthcare reform and how it applies to K–12 employees,” Keith says. “I don’t think anyone else comes close to effectively capturing and presenting this information.”