The Value of Membership

"I could not have survived 30 years in school business without the support I've received from ASBO. No matter how much you may think your problem is unique, it's not. I've always found support from colleagues facing the same issues no matter where they work, and I've shared solutions. We have a lot to learn from one another, so I value my memberships in Tri-State ASBO, New Hampshire ASBO, Vermont ASBO, and ASBO International."
—John Aubin, South Burlington School District, South Burlington, Vermont
Member since 1992

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SFO Certificants

The SFO exam has been updated based on a nationwide job analysis of school business job functions. Along with the new exam, exciting changes are coming that will simplify the certification application and renewal processes: 1) applicants will take one exam instead of two and 2) there will no longer be annual renewal requirements—all SFOs will only be required to recertify every three years to maintain their designation. The new exam and process will be instated February 1, 2018. Interested candidates have until January 31, 2018, to become certified under the current process. Learn more here.

Find an SFO

School business officials, search the SFO Public Registry to find a Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations® (SFO®) near you!
Employers, use the SFO Public Registry to find a certified school business official who has the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to fill your school finance position.

Using Your SFO Credential

Once you’ve earned your SFO, let others know about your expertise!
Follow this format to list your credential after your name:
Your name, Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations, or
Your name, SFO
Don’t forget to include your credential on email signatures, business cards, resumes, and LinkedIn!

Maintaining Your SFO Credential

Through January 31, 2018, keeping your credential active requires annual renewal (yearly) and recertification (every third year). Beginning February 1, 2018, please refer to this Recertification Guide that correlates with the revised SFO application and recertification process.

Annual Renewal

To renew your certification, submit an annual renewal fee of $125 via My SFO® Manager and maintain compliance with the SFO Policies and Procedures.


Your certification is valid for three years, at which time you must apply for recertification by

  • Obtaining and maintaining documentation of 45 SFO contact hours over the three-year recertification cycle (one contact hour equals 50 minutes of content; a candidate can count one year of experience on the job as 3 contact hours).
  •  Submitting your contact hour documentation along with your annual renewal fee via My SFO® Manager
Refer to the Candidate Handbook for detailed information about structured and unstructured contact hours.

All current SFOs whose certification expires between now and December 31, 2017, will have an automatic extension to January 31, 2018. This will allow them to recertify via the current system.

Recertification Guide

Suspension or Revocation

Should your certification be suspended or withdrawn for any reason, you must immediately cease the use of the Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations title and the use of the SFO designation.