Congratulations to the 2013 Eagle Award winners! Thanks to their dedicated efforts, schools run effectively and efficiently and students have the resources they need for a quality education.

International Eagle Award Recipient

Tracy Ginsburg

Tracy L. Ginsburg, Ed.D., SFO, RTSBA
Chief Financial Officer
Fort Bend Independent School District
Sugar Land, Texas

When Tracy joined Fort Bend ISD four years ago, the district was facing a severe financial crisis that required budgetary reductions of $50 million. She worked alongside other senior district leaders to reduce the budget in a way that least affected student instruction and achievement. Her passion for ensuring a quality education for all students is evident in her efforts to ensure that Title 1 funding is distributed fairly among at-risk campuses and alternative instruction is available to all secondary students. Known for her ability to find consensus among stakeholders, Tracy has led committees of parents, staff, and community members to tackle important issues such as facility needs and student safety.

Distinguished Eagle Award Recipients

Brian Allen

Brian E. Allen
Chief Financial and Operations Officer
Worcester Public Schools
Worcester, Massachusetts

Brian is a hands-on leader who often is out in the field, on school campuses, evaluating facilities, talking with staff and students, and ensuring they have the resources they need. Throughout his 14 years with the district, he has continuously reallocated funds to safeguard dollars in the district’s classrooms. His commitment has ensured continuing funding for the district’s alternative and special education programs.

Marios Demetriou

Marios Demetriou
Deputy Superintendent
Muskegon Area Intermediate School District
Muskegon, Michigan

In late 2011, Muskegon Heights Public School District was on the brink of closing for a school year due to financial stress. Marios took on the task of evaluating the situation, recommending solutions, and working with creditors and vendors to keep the school doors open. Today, he guides Muskegon Area Intermediate School District’s budget preparation, capital projects planning, and day-to-day operations, keeping the district on stable financial ground even while the state struggles.

William L. Hebert

William L. Hebert, CLSBA
Director of Finance
Jefferson Davis Parish School Board
Jennings, Louisiana

As director of finance for the Jefferson Davis Parish School Board, William has led and supported a variety of initiatives to strengthen the parish financially and ensure a quality education for all students. For example, his support of teacher salary increases resulted in an ability to hire more experienced teachers, thus raising student achievement. A catalog bid process saved the district $50,000 that was then put into the budget for instruction. He also instituted an annual training program for all new administrative personnel.

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