Emerging School Business Leaders Scholarship

What is the Emerging School Business Leaders Scholarship?
Who is eligible to apply?
How many scholarships are awarded?
How many applications are received?
May I apply for the scholarship more than once?
What is the deadline?
How can I submit my application materials?
What should I include in my application submission?
What professional resume format is preferred?
May I submit more than one letter of recommendation?
Should each of the application materials be submitted as a separate page?
Will I be notified when my application is received?
What does the selection panel look for in an application?
Are all applicants notified after the selection process?
How are the recipients notified?
Who is notified when I receive the award?
What types of media announcements are made?
What are the required activities for scholarship recipients?
How is the $2,000 scholarship disbursed?
How do recipients make hotel reservations for the meeting?
Are meals included at the meeting?
May recipients attend the Friday Workshops?

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