Meritorious Budget Award & Pathway to the MBA

Awarding Budget Presentation Excellence

An esteemed distinction for over 20 years, the Meritorious Budget Award (MBA) recognizes excellence in school budget presentation. Districts who successfully complete four MBA Criteria Checklist sections promote

  • Skills in developing and analyzing an effective budget.
  • Communication between departments to develop short- and long-term strategies.
  • Clear budget guidelines.
  • Building confidence in your community with a reader-friendly budget.

The Pathway to the MBA is an optional introductory program for first- and second-time applicants to ease into the full MBA requirements, completing two of the four MBA Criteria Checklist sections.

As the fiscal leader for your district, you understand the importance of presenting an accurate and transparent budget. Add your school district to the growing list of districts that have earned this coveted recognition.

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Thank you to Voya Financial® for generously sponsoring the Meritorious Budget Award and Pathway to the MBA, helping ASBO International recognize excellence in school budget development and presentation.