Pinnacle Awards

Honoring School Business Innovation

School business officials in all fields come up with creative ideas to improve their school systems—and the Pinnacle Awards are our way of honoring such innovative individuals.

The Pinnacle Awards recognize innovative school business leaders who have solved district challenges with resourceful solutions.

See this year's creative recipients!

Celebrate Your Creativity

The field of information technology needs people like you—people who blend experience with innovation—to find creative solutions when your district faces complex challenges.

Whether it's a new idea or an old process repurposed in an inventive way, earning a Pinnacle Award highlights your creativity and inspires your colleagues to implement your successes in their districts.

Want to apply or nominate a deserving colleague? Look for the 2016 Pinnacle Award application in late fall 2015.

Questions? Email us or call 866.682.2729 x7067.

Since 1993, Virco Mfg. Corporation has proudly sponsored the Pinnacle Awards, honoring school business officials for their ingenuity and creative thinking.