Application Materials

Who Should Apply?

School business officials who would like to share their innovative ideas that led to positive change in their school district should apply. These ideas can pertain to any area of school business management, including budgeting or cost savings, construction, green practices, resource allocation, human resources, school safety, transportation, technology, and more.

Nominate yourself or nominate a colleague! We invite you to recognize a supervisor or peer for their achievements, and recommend that you work closely with them to prepare a competitive application.

When you apply for the Pinnacle Awards, you’re not only sharing your achievements, you’re honoring your team, helping your peers discover successful solutions, and enhancing your career.

How to Apply

Download the 2015 Pinnacle Awards brochure and application.

Review the Pinnacle Awards application checklist.

Include the following in your submission:

  • Pinnacle Awards application.
  • One-page biography of the submitting official.
  • Project summary, including the project title (limit 10 words) and the following six sections with headlines for each (limit 200-300 words each section):
    1. Summary of idea/project.
    2. How is this a new idea?
    3. Why do you feel the project is innovative?
    4. Is the project replicable by other schools?
    5. Cite measurable examples of the improvements/savings.
    6. How does the project affect student achievement?

Please do not send any additional materials or documents with your submission.

Ready to submit your application materials?

Email your application and supporting documents to

Or mail to:
   ASBO International
   Pinnacle Awards
   11401 North Shore Drive
   Reston, VA 20190-4200


All application materials must be postmarked or sent electronically no later than May 1, 2015.