Pinnacle Awards

What are the eligibility requirements for the Pinnacle Award?
May I apply for the Pinnacle Award more than once?
How many applicants apply every year?
What are the benefits of receiving a Pinnacle Award?
How do I submit application materials and what is the deadline date for submitting?
How do I nominate someone for a Pinnacle Award?
Will ASBO International notify me when my application has been received?
Who serves on the Pinnacle Award Selection Panel?
What does the selection panel look for in an application?
Will all candidates be notified after the selection process?
How are Pinnacle Awards recipients notified?
Who will be notified when I receive the award?
What types of media announcements are made?
How is the Pinnacle Award video produced for the Annual Meeting & Expo?
Which activities at the Annual Meeting & Expo must Pinnacle Award recipients attend?
Are family members and colleagues permitted to attend the Pinnacle Awards Ceremony, even if they are not ASBO International members?
How are the Pinnacle Award checks disbursed?

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