Pinnacle Awards Application

Please complete the application below and provide the following by May 1:

  • Applicant Information
  • Project Summary, including the project title (10 words or fewer) and the six sections below with headlines for each (200–300 words per section). The Project Summary may not reference the applicant, individuals, districts, vendors, products, city or state, or other proper names that will identify the project and candidate to the selection panel.
    • Overview - Describe the project, explaining the district problem and the solution.
    • Innovation - Explain why the project is new and innovative.
    • Replication - Explain how the project is replicable by other school systems.
    • Student Achievement - Describe the effect on student achievement in qualitative terms, and quantitative terms where applicable.
    • Improvements and Savings - Include quantitative data showing the effect on district improvements and district savings.
  • Biography of the applicant (200–300 words).
  • Professional color head shot photo (JPEG or GIF at 300 dpi).
*Indicates required field
Project must have been implemented after May 1, 2014.
10 word maximum

200–300 words per section
200–300 words
JPEG or PNG, 300 dpi
I hereby certify that the information in this application is true and accurate. The signature on this application also certifies that the candidate is employed full-time by a school system, university, or college. I authorize the release of this information to ASBO International and Virco to publicize in whatever way considered appropriate.