The Value of ASBO Membership

“Joining ASBO was one of the best career moves I’ve made. ASBO unlocks a world of insights about how professionals are doing business for their districts.”

Robert A. Morales, Chief Financial Officer, Fulton County School District (Georgia)

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Professional Development & Events

Tentative schedule. Subject to change.

Tuesday, July 15

Arrive at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza by 4:30 p.m.

Welcome Reception, Dinner & Seminar

The Leader as an Innovator
Presented by Jeff McCausland, Ph.D., retired U.S. Army Colonel and Founder and CEO of Diamond6 Leadership and Strategy, LLC
This engaging seminar introduces a multi-faceted approach to being an innovative leader. Learn more about innovation and initiative and how to distinguish between the two.

Wednesday, July 16

Organizational Culture and Change
As a leader, it is important to align your organization’s culture, mission, and strategy into a unified vision. Learn what makes your organization tick and how to create changes that will result in success.
Preview of FDR and His Presidency
Listen to historians as they discuss how Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s innovative spirit and resolute leadership style brought us programs like the New Deal, the Works Progress Administration, and the Civilian Conservation Corps.
Tour the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial and Other Works Inspired by the New Deal
The impressive FDR memorial honors one of our country’s most beloved and innovative presidents. Tracing the steps of his four-term tenure, we will see some of the many projects commissioned by the New Deal programs.
Thoughts about Today’s Experience
Presented by Jeff McCausland, Ph.D.
We will discuss what we have learned throughout the day and how we can apply those lessons.

Thursday, July 17

Critical Thinking
As you move to a more strategic level in your career, the issues you face become more complex and your decisions often have more serious consequences, making superior critical thinking skills crucial. In this session, learn the critical-thinking concepts you need to improve this important skill.
Emotional Intelligence
Researchers debate the value of emotional intelligence (EQ) versus traditional intelligence (IQ). A leader’s EQ is important in inspiring others to succeed. Learn more about EQ and examine its critical role in your leadership development.
The Leader as an Innovator in Technology
As a school business official, you are often called on to maneuver the complex world of technology. Learn how you can keep your district technologically relevant.

Enjoy Washington, D.C.! You have the evening free to explore the city.

Friday, July 18

Ethics and Technology
Use of technology is sometimes seen as pushing ethical boundaries. We will discuss how to maintain your district’s integrity while being a leader in educational technology.
Becoming a Master Mentor
Mentoring is a valuable tool for professional development, and as a mentor you need to provide your protégés with knowledge, advice, and wisdom that supports their pursuit of professional success. This seminar will focus on the significant traits and behaviors that outstanding mentors possess.

Panel Discussion
Join other school business professionals to discuss ways to implement successful change in your organization.
Conference concludes at noon.