Candidate for Director

Aubrey Kirkpatrick
Director of Finance and Administration
Anglophone East School District
Moncton, New Brunswick

Aubrey Kirkpatrick has served as director of finance and administration at Anglophone East School District in New Brunswick, Canada, for 13 years. He served on the New Brunswick ASBO Executive Board for seven years—four as president—and was recipient of the NBASBO Vision Award and an Award of Excellence in Education from the premier of New Brunswick.

An active member of ASBO International since 2002, he has served for the past three years as International Representative on the ASBO International Board of Directors. He has served on the ASBO International Human Resources Committee and on the SFO Certification Exam Development Team. He was presented with the ASBO International Distinguished Eagle Award in 2012.

Kirkpatrick has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of New Brunswick and was UNLB Class Valedictorian.


Vision Statement

There is no higher calling than delivering quality education to our children, our communities, and our members with integrity, accountability, innovation, and above all kindness. I believe ASBOI provides members with the best professional leadership learning opportunities available to school business leaders and I will continue to work to elevate that strong tradition.

I would like to see more school business members join ASBOI, including people from all points around the globe so that our colleagues can reap the many benefits provided by ASBOI. I would also love to see ASBOI reach out to schools and districts who may be struggling to provide quality education systems both here and around the world. Our members have so much experience and business knowledge that could be shared in order to boost educational opportunities for all children.

Question 1: Why is ASBO International’s mission important to you? How do you support that mission in your daily work?

I have seen tremendous positive impact on student success and achievement when school business leaders’ partner with education leaders at the highest levels. For this to happen school business leaders must be at the top of their game and ASBO International’s mission makes sure that can occur. The mission is important to me because I have experienced firsthand how ASBOI’s professional growth and support has impacted my district. Our district is a leader in innovation and effective service delivery because of ASBOI’s mission to “lead the profession of school business forward while promoting the highest standards of school business management practices.”

My personal mission is to be better than I was yesterday, always asking is there a better way to use educational resources? Can we create more time and space for educational leaders to lead, teach and learn through better business programs and services? Our team goal is to ensure our students get the best of our teachers and staff by taking care of business, “ultimately ensuring every student has the opportunity to receive a quality education”.

I model the mission in my home district by empowering my team to be the best they can be. Providing them resources and skills to better serve our schools. I am always lobbying for our district at the provincial level, seeking more resources and better systems to effectively manage school business for our students and staff. I actively lead within NBASBO promoting the importance and the values of belonging and participating in ASBOI.

Question 2: What are the characteristics of an exemplary board member? What strengths would you bring to the position?

There are many characteristics to be a good board member, to me the key is to have a real authentic passion for the mission and vision of the organization you are serving. I truly believe ASBOI is the number one resource for building better school business leaders, better school districts and providing students every opportunity to be the best that they can be. One cannot be exemplary if only half your heart is in the cause. I am all in on ASBO International and at the provincial and state level.

Along with passion one needs the willingness to act, to be supportive and to lead by example. ASBOI promotes member engagement and involvement, in fact our association is built on the sharing of our vast experiences and knowledge through serving on committees, writing for the SBA, presenting at ACE and actively participating in the many learning opportunities. I have been able to act and participate in these ways and have grown so much for it. I will continue to actively be involved as a board member giving back to the association that has provided me so much.

Finally, I believe an exemplary board member is one who is prepared, participates, actively listens and is willing to put aside personal agendas for the greater good of the organization. Being a part of a large association board requires members to actively participate and sometimes that means listening first and being understood second. My last three years as an international guest of the board has been so enlightening. I have been in awe of the talent, experience, passion and dedication of each board member through those years. I am humbled to be a part of such an extraordinary group of school business leaders and I am excited to continue to bring my “Eh” game as a board member.

Question 3: What are some of the lessons learned during the past 12 months that SBOs should consider as they look to the future?

I am not sure when this question was devised i.e. pre COVID19, but these past three months have felt like 12 surely and the lessons learned are plentiful for all SBO’s. In no particular order:

The power of one individual can change the world completely. The person who consumed a bat had no idea the world would come to a stop because of that action. SBO’s should consider that they have the power to change the world as well; through our leadership and knowledge, we provide the best to students, so they may be ready to change the world.

The real heroes are the essential workers, everyday people who toil behind the scenes. SBO’s can celebrate that our roles and those of our teams of custodians, food service providers, repair people, drivers, payroll etc. are the very foundation that keeps the system running. Let us recognize our heroes regularly into the future.

We are all in this together. It takes all of us, a collective worldwide effort to combat the pandemic. Let us not forget that as SBO’s we are all in this together, it is what our great association is about. A community of leaders coming together to build each other up for the benefit of our children, community, and country.

The lessons of appreciation and gratitude, as we slow down during this time, I hope we have realized what really is important in our lives. That perhaps family and friends may have been taking a back seat to some things not quite as important. I hope our SBO’s learn that our relationships are number one and that we will not take them for granted as we move forward into the future.