It’s Time to Budget Better Cloud-based budget and performance management software built for school districts  


School districts face unique budgeting challenges due to their distinct requirements, funding structures, and financial constraints.
ClearGov’s cloud-native Budget Cycle Management suite provides efficiency at every step of the process so you can budget better. Our financial solutions are easy-to-use, complement existing ERP and accounting systems, and automatically deliver website-based results that your community and stakeholders will appreciate.

School Districts deserve a modern, dedicated budgeting solution to meet today’s financial challenges.

Capital Budgeting

Automate the way you collect capital requests and prioritize projects to streamline your CIP process. Learn more.

Personnel Budgeting

Build your personnel budget with powerful cloud-native tools that ensure you’ve calculated every layer of cost. Learn more.

Operational Budgeting

Eliminate spreadsheet errors and version control issues with cloud-native budgeting. Learn more.

Digital Budget Book

The industry’s first website-based solution that builds a budget book in a fraction of the time. Learn more.


Tell your financial story in a way everyone can understand, and that’s ADA-optimized by design. Learn more.


Streamline planning, simplify progress tracking, and drive results with powerful metrics and dashboards. Learn more.