"What is ASBO Learn?

ASBO Learn is ASBO International’s learning management system (LMS) that houses a wide variety of live and on-demand professional development opportunities for school business professionals. Browse the ASBO Learn online catalog to find upcoming live webinars, boot camps, and workshops, on-demand webinars, and Power Professional courses and bundles — all that fit your professional development needs.

What is the process for logging into ASBO Learn?

Start by logging into your member account at asbointl.org. Once logged in, select the Education tab, and then select ASBO Learn. If you are already logged into ASBO International, you can log in directly to learn.asbointl.org.

What if I do not have an ASBO International account?

Go to asbointl.org. Select LOGIN located in the top center of the main web page, and under the LOGIN box select, “Create a free new account.” After you create a new account, follow the directions above to access ASBO Learn.

Who do I contact if I’m having issues with logging in?

Start by resetting your username and/or password. If that doesn’t work, contact membership@asbointl.org.

How do I navigate around ASBO Learn?

When you first access ASBO Learn, you will see the landing page where you can access recently added learning, featured learning, upcoming due dates, the live event calendar, and navigation buttons that will take you to your Learning Center where you can access your courses (current and completed), the catalog where you can search ASBO’s extensive library of professional development opportunities, and navigation that will take you back to your most recently accessed course, if any exist.

How can I learn more about navigating around ASBO Learn?

In the upper right-hand corner of the main landing page [HOME] in ASBO Learn, you’ll see a button labeled “Getting Started.” Click on it and you will see shortcut buttons that lead to your personal Learning Center current learning page, your personal Learning Center completed learning page, the ASBO Learn catalog, and where you can go to view and edit your ASBO Learn profile. Scroll down to see a list of product tours. *Earning ASBO International Badges is COMING SOON!

How can I search for professional development that fits my needs?

Access the ASBO Learn catalog. Use the “Filter by” to filter by (1) activity type (live or on-demand); (2) category, e.g., transportation, risk management, human relations, etc.; (3) by date range (only for live events); or (4) by credit type, e.g., CPE, SFO, CAE.

How can I search for education included in the Education Subscription?

In the “Filter by” search, select “Free with Education Subscription.” New content is added throughout the year, so keep your subscription status updated to save on ASBO Learn professional development year-round for you and your team.

Where can I find my certificates of completion?

Beginning March 15, 2023, certificates of completion for learning completed in ASBO Learn can be found on the “Completed” tab in your personal Learning Center in ASBO Learn.

Where can I find my certificates of completion for completed learning that occurred prior to March 15, 2023?

Multiple announcements, sent between February 23, 2023, and March 14, 2023, informed all members that access to past certificates would be discontinued after March 14. If you missed this window of opportunity, please refer to your transcript located at asbointl.org. See below for more information about downloading a copy of your credit transcript.

Can I get a copy of my certificate of completion from past events?

Certificates of completion for past events, if not downloaded before March 14 are no longer available. Please print a copy of your transcript located at asbointl.org. See “Where can I download a copy of my credit transcript?” for more information.

Where can I download a copy of my credit transcript?

Credit transcripts for professional development completed in ASBO Learn, at the Annual Conference & Expo or at any of the other annual events such as Eagle Institute or Leadership Forum, can be found on your “My Accounts” page located on ASBO International’s main website page asbointl.org. You must be logged in to see the “My Account” option, which is located between the “LOGOUT” and “VIEW CART” options. Once you click on “My Account,” click on the tab labeled “My Transcript.” Here, you can also see your ASBO International profile information, committees, and invoices, and view and export a copy of your transcript.

I attended a live webinar. Why didn’t I receive credits and a certificate of completion?

In order to earn credits for live online learning, you must be present in the live webinar for a minimum of 50 minutes, answer a minimum of three poll questions and complete the webinar evaluation (available within 24 hours of the conclusion of the live webinar). In order to earn credits for on-demand content, you must watch the recording in its entirety and complete the evaluation. *Credits cannot be earned by watching the webinar recording made available to individuals registered in the live webinar. Please note that not all professional development is worth credits. Check the catalog descriptions to identify which learning opportunities include credits. If you met all the completion requirements mentioned and did not receive credits, please contact education@asbointl.org.

Where can I find credit information for professional development I completed in the past (conferences, previous ASBO Learn platform, Eagle Institute, Leadership Forum, etc.)

Please refer to your transcript located at asbointl.org. For additional directions, please read “Where can I download a copy of my transcript?” above.