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"ASBO International's engaging and empowering environment helped me perfect my school business management voice. Attending the Annual Meeting & Expo, Executive Leadership Forum, and Eagle Institute made me better equipped to face district challenges and to find real and lasting solutions that help students achieve excellence."
Earl P. Burke, MBA, Hinds County School District, Mississippi
Member since 2007

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General Session Speakers

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First General Session Speaker

Phil Hansen

Multimedia Artist

TED speaker. Multimedia artist. Inspiration. There’s a good story about how these titles landed on our First General Session Speaker’s resume. When Hansen developed nerve damage that stopped him from following his dream of being an artist, it took years before he learned how to embrace his limitation and eventually use it to his advantage.
Hansen is the author of Tattoo a Banana, which presents an innovative approach to finding creativity through the exploration of everyday objects. As a commercial artist, Hansen has worked on a variety of TV and Internet campaigns with clients such as Skype, Diesel, and Arby's, and was the official artist for the Grammy® Awards.

Saturday, September 24: Embrace the Shake: Transforming Problems into Opportunities

Like Phil’s art, his story and message of “Embrace the Shake” defies conventional thinking by approaching limitations as opportunities. As your district faces budget cuts, new policies, and other difficult limitations, you’ll learn how to look in unexpected places for possible solutions for your district.

With jaw-dropping visuals and a special interactive project, Phil’s incredible session will not only leave you impressed by his abilities, but by your own creativity capacity as well.

Are you ready to embrace your shake?

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Second General Session Speaker

Manny Scott 

Original Freedom Writer

An original Freedom Writer, Manny’s passionate story is told in part in the 2007 hit movie, Freedom Writers. By age 16, he thought the end of his life was near, until a complete stranger connected with him, encouraged him, and inspired him to write a different story—to create a new life. He is now happily married, a father of three, a homeschool teacher, a successful entrepreneur, a Ph.D. student, an author, an aviator, and a speaker.

Sunday, September 25: The Power of One

Manny Scott shares his story and several eye-opening insights about how he went from being an “unreachable” and “unteachable” student to becoming a successful student, husband, father, entrepreneur, and public servant. Learn how to become a change agent—a “Page Turner”—in even the most isolated circumstances, making decisions that can truly transform your district and the lives of its students.