Start your journey to a smart school today!


As today’s learners tackle complex subjects and topics, so too does your school. Creating a safe, secure, and comfortable learning environment means enabling students to do their best learning—and then apply what they learn to create a better world.

Now, Siemens can support your journey to electrification with Charge Forward, supporting your journey, from power generation with microgrid or solar and battery storage to establishing the charging infrastructure to meet your needs today with a vision for the future.

Plan Your Route

Customized to meet your school district’s objectives, Charge Forward is a comprehensive program to support your journey to fleet electrification, including EV planning and forecasting, funding opportunities, and turnkey fleet electrification delivery models.

Funding and incentives up to 100% of the cost of the replacement bus and charging or fueling infrastructure are possible. Our experts can help you determine the best options for fleet electrification and contribute to the future of work with STEM curricula. We can help navigate available funding to meet your objectives for total cost of ownership and reduced operating expense. Give students the gift of a healthier school commute by reducing vehicle emissions for a safer, healthier school experience, from pick up to drop off.


Are you ready for fleet electrification?

Siemens experts can help you get started and plan a route to electrification that makes sense for your school or district including:

  • Planning + development
  • Funding
  • Management
  • Financing